Predictions for the Nobel Prize: Japan takes home three "Citation Laureate" honors

Predictions for the Nobel Prize: Japan takes home three “Citation Laureate” honors

On September 21st, the British research firm Clarivate announced that the director of brain and neuroscience research at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Research would be given the “Clarivate Citation Laureate” award. Twenty individuals, three of whom were Japanese (one of whom was an adult Tanigawa) (61 years old). Researchers whose work has been most widely cited are considered strong candidates for the Nobel Prize. As a precursor to the Nobel Prize, which will be awarded in October, this award has garnered a lot of attention because many of the researchers who have won it have also gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

Taniguchi Nao (age 63), a researcher at the Japan Institute of Materials and Materials Research, and Kenji Watanabe (age 60), the chief researcher at the institute, are the other two Japanese recipients of the award. Other than Japan, the United States has the most recipients with 14, followed by the United Kingdom with 2, and Germany with 1. One of the causes of “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, a difficult disease in which muscles gradually become immobile),” which Hasegawa discovered, is a protein. High-purity crystals of boron nitride were produced by Taniguchi and Watanabe, which were used to test the properties of “graphene,” a promising new material. The number of citations, prominence of other awards, and significance of the paper’s contribution are all considered. The Nobel Prizes will be announced on October 3, with the first prizes in physiology or medicine to be given out.

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